Enable Unicode to Write in Foreign Characters
Instead of using custom fonts to write in a foreign language, a better way is to enable UNICODE or UTF-8 option in Windows so people don't have to rely on using custom fonts.

Here are the steps to enable UNICODE in Windows XP: (Should also work in Windows 2000 and Vista):
[As an example, we are using Armenian language, but it can apply to any language as well]

1. Make sure you are using Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista (any previous versions of Windows don't have the UNICODE option)

2. Go to Control Panel and Open Regional and Language Settings 

3. Click on Languages tab at the top

4. Put a check-mark beside Install files for complex script....option then hit Apply (wait a little and you don't have to restart Windows but you may need the Windows installation CD)

5. Click on the

6. Click on

7. >From the Input Language drop-down list choose Armenian, then on the Keyboard layout/IME field choose the Eastern or Western version that you prefer

5. Click OK
Now you can toggle Armenian<->English by clicking Alt-Shift or by choosing the icon in the lower-right corner where it says EN.
You can now write emails in your language and the receiver doesn't need to have custom fonts installed.
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