Apple/MAC Data Recovery

Get in touch with us to arrange dropping your beloved Mac for a free evaluation and we will determine the fault, and provide a detailed quote outlining costs, the chances of a successful recovery and the time it will take to complete the process.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a hard drive crash on your Apple desktop or laptop, you may have a need to restore lost files. Data problems can occur for a number of reasons but in the majority of cases are linked to deleting files by mistake or accidental data erasure rendering important files no longer found. Files are often accidentally deleted from a Mac or even from the Trash in error. Another reason for loss of data is down to accidental Mac hard drive formats or partition errors.

Lost and deleted files on your Apple Mac are often recoverable and restoration is usually highly successful.

Missing data is rarely unrecoverable in the above situations and your Apple files can usually be restored by seeking a professional Mac Data Recovery Service and asking for help.

The difference between file recovery and hard drive data retrieval if the disk or drive has suffered from a hardware failure. In this case, individual or multiple files are lost however the media they are stored on still works ok.
If you suspect your drive to be failing we advise to shutdown and seek immediate expert and professional help to avoid permanent loss of data.

There are a number of Mac compatible data recovery applications available on the Apple market which maybe be ok to use when recovering ‘low risk data’ however we strongly advise against using recovery software if your hard drive is faulty and/or your missing data is business critical, valuable or irreplaceable.

Some signs of Apple/Mac hard drive failure to look out for:

  • Flashing Question Mark at start up
  • Unmountable volume
  • The drive is no longer recognised
  • “-127 error disk could not used/found”?
  • The hard disk is making clicking noises or clicking noises are emanating from the computer
  • User profile became .sparseimage
  • Slow or inaccessible folders
  • The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer, do you want to initialise?
  • Deleted Documents, photographs or iLife data…

If your MacBook or MacBook Pro has a problem and you can no longer access your files, photos or important documents, it might be time you contact our experts. Apple refers many clients to us for data recovery.

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We will advise you on what to do, provide you with indicative pricing and guide you through the recovery process.